About the course

ACCA stands for the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants. They have as objective the training of professional Accountants for the emerging world of business. This program is divided into two phases: classes + exams per

International Certification -

Structure of the course and Entry requirements.

You could join irrespective of your first language and your educational background and anywhere among the first 3 levels (FIA, Part1 & Part2); because ACCA has foundation level (FIA: 7 to 10 courses), advanced (part 1: 3courses & part 2: 6 courses) and professional levels (part 3: 2 to 6 courses). So a total of 13 to 22 courses all dependent of where you begin.

International Certification -

Cost + Duration

Tuition Exam
Fees Duration Fees Duration
FIA, Part 1 & Part 2: 154,500fcfa/309,000fcfa *2months/4months
*(LW in part2-2months only) *FIA & Part 1:103,000fcfa
*Part 2:115,875fcfa
*(For LW 118,450fcfa) Every 2months 2hours & 3hours
Part 3: 206,000fcfa 2months/4months *150.895fcfa
*Except for SBL 210,120fcfa Every 2months 2hours & 3hours

NB: for every tuition paid at our center the materials for that course is provided free of charge.

Registration 51,1500fcfa
Annual subscription paid every year to keep the account opened. 103,000fcfa
Part 1 certificate 10,000fcfa
Part 1 certificate 10,000fcfa
Part 1 Ethics and professional skill module exam 60,000fcfa
Part 2 Ethics and professional skill module exam 60,000fcfa
FIA, Part 1
One mock 15,450fcfa
Two mocks 25,750fcfa
Part 3
One and Two mocks 0fcfa
Bachelor Degree with University of OXFORD BROOKES 500,000fcfa
Master with the University of LONDON 700,000fcfa Pay Now

Benefits of the program

- Become Chartered certified accountant internationally recognized.
- Also choose to get a Masters with the University of LONDON, a Bachelor Degree with OXFORD BROOKES University, Diplomas and Certificates after every level.
- Get posted by ACCA in companies (in the most famous and recognized audits and accounting firms) and anywhere in the world since ACCA is internationally recognized and recommended.
- Finally, AnB an approved ACCA learner provided delivers you a recommendation letter to make you way to achieving your career as you desire and this very easily.

International Certification -